EBOS Australia Online : Search Results

Product Information is displayed alphabetically. The Quick Search will return the most closely matched item to your search first, then list products alphabetically.

Use the camera icon to view an image and further details.
Indicates the Pack Size of the product: eg 100pk
Displayed price is your account price, inclusive of any negotiated contract pricing, excluding GST. 
Bulk Price Indicator 
Where the brown carton is displayed, a bulk quantity price discount is available. Hover on the carton for details. 
Stock Indicators 
Hover on the stock indicator for information relating to stock. A Buy In Item indicates that we do not stock this product. This item will be brought in with a firm customer order and is non returnable.
Use the Notepad icon to add a product to your Template.
Minimum Order Quantities. A quantity box with a drop down option for qty indicates that an MOQ exists. Orders will only be accepted for the correct MOQ for that product.
Further Product Information
Click on the product description to view further information of a product including Alternate Products and Technical Documents where applicable.